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Cornell Masters of Engineering in Engineering Management
I completed my undergraduate studies at Cornell in Computer Science, and am now seeking my masters degree in Engineering Management at Cornell, and will graduate in May of 2006.
Automated Trading System
I am developing an automated trading system that takes advantage of my very low latency filters and prior work in genetic algorithms to generate signals in equities and commodities.
Consulting for the Cornell Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Project
I started this project in my freshman year at Cornell. We are building an autonomous aircraft which can fly itself to complete pre-programmed missions. We are entering in the AUVSI's autonomous aerial vehicle competition, and are the 2003 world champions. Please visit www.cuuav.org for more information.



Seeking: Opportunities in Finance and Technology
Northern California / New York
Professional Interests:
Senior engineering / leadership position within a technology focused company
Personal Interests: Photography, Swimming, Skiing, Flying, Travel
M.Eng Engineering Management '06, Cornell University, B.S. Computer Science '05 Cornell University

My Resume is available upon request, please visit the Contact Info page, and send me an email.


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