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The following is a subset of papers that I have authored, or coauthored
  • An economical approach to autopilot development and integration
    3rd AIAA "Unmanned Unlimited" Systems, Technologies, and Operations, Chicago, IL, September, 2004. Karl Schulze, Andrew Abramson, Brian Rogan, Aaron Kimball, William Aber, Jonathan Kron, Joseph Sullivan

  • Autonomous Underwater Barcode Recognition
    Digital Signal Processing SPIE Proceedings Volume 5203, San Diego, CA, August, 2003, Karl Schulze

  • A Scalable, Economic Autonomous Flight Control and Guidance Package for UAVs
    2nd AIAA "Unmanned Unlimited" Systems, Technologies, and Operations Volume 11750, San Diego, CA, September, 2003, Karl Schulze, James Buescher

  • Optical Guidance for a Robotic Submarine
    Applications of Digital Processing SPIE Proceedings Volume 4790
    , Seattle, WA, July, 2002, Karl Schulze, Chris LaFlash

  • The pursuit of a versatile modular autonomous guidance package for fixed wing aircraft
    AUVSI UAV Competition
    , Patuxent River , MA, May, 2003, Karl Schulze, James Buescher, Ryan Stenson, David Hinkes, Bryan Silverthorn

  • Building an efficient reliable platform for underwater operations, The Barracuda Project
    AUVSI AUV Competition
    , San Diego, CA, August, 2002, Daniel Bryant, Karl Schulze, Nick Gurtler, Chris LaFlash, Nick Rapp, Tamsen Drew



All of the technical papers I have published deal with my ongoing research. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving copies of any of these papers.


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