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Welcome to AVHS Robotics Club... AVHS 'Botz

All grins after we managed to make something of nothing - with no control of the engines on our vehicle we were able to attain third place in the final rounds and fifth place overall.

We placed 5th this year! Our entrant the Barracuda did very well. In the first round based on the journal, website, and static judging the Barracuda placed First - the first time that any team has beaten MIT in this category!

Hours before the preliminary round our vehicle's pic microprocesor board became irreparably damaged. This meant that we had no control of our engines and that we could not detect our depth. Even with this loss, we were able to place Third after the preliminary round by returning the depth and code of one box. By the final round other teams has improved their vehicles, while ours still has the loss of control and thus we placed 5th in the final round, and received excess of $2000 in prize money. Go AMADOR!