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Cornell Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Project
This video is an overview of the aircraft we created in the 2004-2005 development cycle for the CUUAV team. Web | Full
Cornell Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Project
This video is an overview of the competition in August of 2003, held in San Diego, CA, with the vehicle developed in the 2002-2003 development cycle. Web | Full
This video is an overview of the three submarines I developed while in charge of the Amador Robotics Group from September of 1999 through August of 2002. Web | Full

Software Videos

UAV Software Package
This video was an early demonstration to some Microsoft representatives during the development of our Windows XP Embedded aircraft system. Web | Full
Underwater Barcode Reading
For the August 2002 autonomous underwater vehicle competition, I developed an algorithm to find the barcodes, and read them. The resulting algorithm was presented at the SPIE Digital Proceedings in August of 2003. This video demonstrates the algorithm on competition footage. Web | Full
Object Tracking and Retrieval
The 2001 autonomous underwater vehicle competition required retrieving a barbell shaped marker from the bottom of a pond. This footage is of a test run conducted in my pool. We were the only team at the competition to demonstrate such capabilities. Web | Full

These videos provide an overview of a variety of projects and research I have worked on in the past.


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